Tips for Using the Water Filter For Your Family 

If you want to look the water filter for your family, I suggest you:  

Install the water purifier properly

When installing a water purifier, you should choose a convenient location for using the water purifier, airy space, avoiding the impact from the outside to the filter, such as under the kitchen cabinet, under the living water tank Daily … These locations, while avoiding direct light from the sun, will damage the filters and deteriorate efficiency, while also saving you valuable space.

Install the water purifier properly You should install stainless steel cabinets to protect the machine. Avoid placing it in dark places, with a mouse, it will bite the filter wires to affect the process of use, or let the machine in places that are damp, wet or prone to being affected by elements such as leaking water, Rust is also easy to come to the quality of the machine, difficult to clean, maintenance and low aesthetics for installation space.

Do not let the input water pressure is too big

With high-rise buildings, there are high-pressure water reservoirs. Large inlet water pressure will lead to the water tap and broken water lock. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the amount of water input at the small flow to ensure the safety of the water purification system by turning the water inlet valve when not in use should lock the input valves of the machine.

Use the correct voltage for the water purifier

Use the correct voltage

Water filters should be rated at 220v if lower or higher voltage will result in a power failure and shorten filter life.

Do not install the tap on the water heater

The water supply hose of the water purifier is made of plastic and rubber. Installing the water intake hose into the hot water pipe will cause the hose to break down or become very hot due to the water heater.

Keep the sewer pipes clear

The waste water from the water filter is easily clogged or blocked so water cannot be discharged, making it impossible for the water to automatically purify the filter system after water filtration. Unventilated exhaust pipes will lead to reduced service life and poor water quality after filtration.

Clean up for new machines


With new or unused machines, it is imperative to discharge the water for 10 minutes to 30 minutes to ensure the health and to remove any residues, molds and harmful bacteria in the water. New filter water should not be used immediately but should remove the first 5-7 water before use.

When the problem occurs, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the cause

Water filters after a period of use will cause problems, do not repair yourself but need to understand the cause and then consulted by the technician.

Replace the filter core periodically

Each filter has the different shelf life, so it is important to monitor and replace the core periodically to ensure that the product operates efficiently and has the highest durability.

What to look for in an automatic cat feeder

automatic cat feederDo you own a pet at home? Do you have to work at irregular hours throughout the week? Have you sometimes forgotten to feed your animal friend until it gives you a “friendly” reminder? Do you want to take care of him or her even when you are far away? If you answer “yes” to all of these question, it is time for you to buy an automatic cat feeder. And that is exactly what we are going to talk about today. Here are some general guidelines for buying the most suitable machine for your feline buddy.

Food consumption

You should take into consideration how much food your cat eats every day. Cats like their food fresh and I am sure that you don’t want your “friend” to eat leftover from yesterday.

Another thing is how much your cat will eat each meal. There are machines that dispense fixed portions and there are machines that dispense adjustable ones. In my opinion, the latter would serve you much better because everything changes. Your cat is not going to eat the same amount of food every meal every day for the rest of its life.

Types of food

There are wet food dispensers and then there are dry ones as well. Choose a machine according to what types of food you feed your cat. Putting wet food in a dry dispenser will result in an ugly mess and a hungry cat. You definitely don’t want that to happen.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the kibble size as well. Some machines can only work with small kibbles while other can take on all kibbles regardless of their size. Find out what type of food is advised by your vet and choose a device suitable for the task.

Machine sturdiness

Some cats are really clever. They know how to pry open the food container of the machine. For cats like those, a sturdy feeder is a way better option. If you think you will save money by buying a cheap one, you will soon regret it when your cat ruins it and take all the food. Then you will have to buy a better one, so why not do it in the first place, right?

Timer or not

This feature is especially useful for cat with health problems, obesity in particular. Obese cat, like any obese creature is in no way healthy at all. This machine dispenses predetermined portion of food at predetermined time throughout the day to force your cat to go on a diet. This will give it a healthier eating cycle and through that, a much better health condition.

That should be everything that we can tell you regarding this matter. Keeping all of these in mind and you are sure to find the most suitable, best automatic cat feeder available on the market. We hope that you can find what you are looking for. For more useful articles like this, don’t hesitate to visit our website, the link is right here. Visit dog ate ibuprofen to find more answer about dog

Playing Ukulele – New Pastime of Young People Today

Playing ukulele requires skills beyond the quality and ukulele maker also decided to abilities, your level of play. You can access at the following address to know more about best ukulele brands on the market.

Many People Like and Interest 

LikePlaying ukulele is a musical instrument is a lot of young people in major cities and set to play favorites, guitar ukulele now started entering the city a young, causing many young people from elementary school students to university are dotted and practice playing this instrument.

With a small and lovely shape, eye-catching colors, pure guitar sound, fun is such as above ‘small guitar’ and relatively cheap (average it costs more than 20 to 200 dollars), less than one-year presence in many cities, guitar ukulele has occupied so much of your emotional child. According to incomplete statistics, in the province, a city with 1 million inhabitants, the number of people playing ukulele has close to 200 people.

On a Sunday afternoon, at the coffee shop or the upper secondary schools, universities, one might encounter the collective group of young drunk inside the guitar ukulele. There are many groups already established players such ukulele ukulele group Family, school Guitarlele High School … the young people learn and participate in activities quite lively.

The passion of playing Ukulele of The Youth

playing UkuleleMark, a group leader of the ukulele Family shared :playing ukulele when he was at 4 or five years. Being a guitar player, after a casually playing ukulele while still in college, he began to love this guitar is derived from Hawaii. As for his hometown, said there are some young people also play the ukulele, so he formed a group to create a playground for you with a common interest. At first, his party has only ten members, but less than a few months the figure has risen to more than 60 people.

After seeing the brothers, sisters playing the ukulele, a 9-year-old girl was also quick, perky tunes pianos fascinated. The youngest member of the Family ukulele group said : it is very cute and easy to learn. I just lost 2 weeks are playable basic musical notes.

Know and listen to ukulele above two years ago, but until the last two months, James is a student of local university and he is a beginner of playing ukulele. With James, the guitar not only helps you relieve stress after school hours but also makes him confident, the more new friends. Since then drag them from life in the virtual world of social networking sites like facebook …

The Origin and Basic Types of Ukulele

Origin and Basic Types of UkuleleThe ukulele is the instrument similar to the guitar, but they came from Hawaii, appearing from the late nineteenth century with the first version is cavaquinho the Portuguese brought to the US, then they gradually gaining popularity around the world.

It has four strings ukulele nylon, easy to press, suitable for beginners to play the piano for the first time and is often used to accompany singing, sometimes to the solo. Ukuleles have  4 major categories: Soprano (53 cm), Tenor (66 cm) , Concert (58 cm) and Baritone (76 cm).

Rebound and its benefits

Every exercise is beneficial to us, some are more than others. Today we will look at one of the most effective forms of exercise that anyone can do, which is rebounding on a trampoline. In this article, we will dig deeper on the reason why this form of exercise is so effective and healthful for you.

Let’s first understand what is rebound.

REBOUNDIt is a simple process like this: the trampoline pushes you upward then, as velocity gradually decreases to zero, you experience a split moment of weightlessness. After that, you quickly accelerate downward and make an impact upon landing on the trampoline surface. The whole process is repeated over and over until you deliberately break the cycle.

Moving onto the effectiveness of this form of exercise

Firstly, it creates equal pressure on the whole body

EQUAL PRESSURE ON THE WHOLE BODYDuring running, you will mostly feel tired in the leg first and foremost. That is because the leg absorbs much of the pressure occurring while running, which could lead to all leg-related problems arising from this exercise especially if the runner is not using the correct form. On the trampoline, however, none of those problems occur because the pressure is divided equally over the entire body, which means that your feet will absorb much less pressure than normal running and you can go on exercising much longer.

Secondly, rebounding requires less oxygen but produces greater result

Scientists at NASA conducted an experiment comparing the two forms of exercise and they found out that rebounding on a trampoline requires less oxygen intake and put less strain on the heart. This means that you could go on doing this exercise until your feet become numb,

Next, it trains your balance and coordination

In order to balance on this piece of equipment, you need to move continuously so as not fall over. To become better at this, it is necessary that you know your center of gravity and be aware of it all the time in order to shift their body weight appropriately. Through this training, you will have a better sense of balance and this give you an edge over other when it comes to sport

Lastly, this is an exercise for all

top rated trampolinePeople of all ages and gender can do this and once in a roll, most would find it very hard to stop because it is so much fun. If your kids are too lethargic to get up and do some laps, buy a trampoline for them, they will be jumping for joy, literally, because of that. If your parents say that they are too old to do any physically demanding activities, this form of exercise will help them regain the strength and confidence they once had so that they can live their life more joyfully.

By now, we are sure that many of you are thinking about buying one for yourself or maybe your family. If that is the case then click to see the top rated trampolines on the market right now, this will help you choose what is best for you and your family

How to train a service dog the basic command skills using click training


In the previous article, I showed you step by step how to choose a proper candidate for your therapy dog training course. In this article, I will instruct you how to properly train them.

Step 1: Remove the sex organ of the candidate

I know this action is cruel despite the fact that all of service dog must be neutered. The reasons are quite simple; they will get distracted by many factors such as a pack of male dogs or the territorial concerns. Neutering also reduce the aggressiveness of the candidate.

Best time to neuter a puppy is when it’s in the range between four and six-month old in order to preclude them from coming into heat and attracting the male dogs. However, if you can guarantee to keep the puppy away from the unneutered dogs during their first year, it will be better if the candidate is neutered when its growth plates are fully replaced by bones. Simply put, you will need to wait until the dog grows up at its full size before neutering it. The time will vary from one to two years depending on the breed.

The cost for this surgery is about $250.

Step 2: Learn the click training skill

The foundation of this technic is the application of click-clack sound for indicating the good behavior moments to the assistance dog with the reward delivery right after that moment. The click training method helps the dog mark the sounds as a sign of success and it will try its best to conquer these rewards.

Step 3: Train the dogs the fundamental command skills

A normal service dog should be able to perform the basic command skills such as sitting, staying, lying and coming at the exact moment. The minion must have the ability to accompany the handicap all the time. Simply put, you can control the service dog incessantly.

Firstly, you can choose verbal or non-verbal cues to give them commands. For example, in order to train the service dog sitting skill, you will have to use a treat and place it in front of the dog nose, then, move the treat backwards over its head. The candidate will follow the treat and naturally, its bottom will bend down. That’s the moment when you click and say “Sit down” or just simply “Sit” and then, give the little dog the treat that it wants.

Secondly, it’s not easy to train the dog to follow the recall command if it is distracted. Therefore, make sure to commence the training in an enclosed area to help the assistant focus. When the dog approaches you, click and then say the word “Come” out loud and reward it immediately. In case the therapy dog doesn’t come or delay, do not punish or rebuke it. Otherwise, it will be hesitant next time.

The principle of the therapy dog training process is similar to training the normal dogs discipline and good behaviors plus the responsibility of keeping its owner safe. If possible, conduct a professional trainer to ensure that the candidate doesn’t learn anything bad.