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Tips for Using the Water Filter For Your Family 

If you want to look the water filter for your family, I suggest you:  

Install the water purifier properly

When installing a water purifier, you should choose a convenient location for using the water purifier, airy space, avoiding the impact from the outside to the filter, such as under the kitchen cabinet, under the living water tank Daily … These locations, while avoiding direct light from the sun, will damage the filters and deteriorate efficiency, while also saving you valuable space.

Install the water purifier properly You should install stainless steel cabinets to protect the machine. Avoid placing it in dark places, with a mouse, it will bite the filter wires to affect the process of use, or let the machine in places that are damp, wet or prone to being affected by elements such as leaking water, Rust is also easy to come to the quality of the machine, difficult to clean, maintenance and low aesthetics for installation space.

Do not let the input water pressure is too big

With high-rise buildings, there are high-pressure water reservoirs. Large inlet water pressure will lead to the water tap and broken water lock. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the amount of water input at the small flow to ensure the safety of the water purification system by turning the water inlet valve when not in use should lock the input valves of the machine.

Use the correct voltage for the water purifier

Use the correct voltage

Water filters should be rated at 220v if lower or higher voltage will result in a power failure and shorten filter life.

Do not install the tap on the water heater

The water supply hose of the water purifier is made of plastic and rubber. Installing the water intake hose into the hot water pipe will cause the hose to break down or become very hot due to the water heater.

Keep the sewer pipes clear

The waste water from the water filter is easily clogged or blocked so water cannot be discharged, making it impossible for the water to automatically purify the filter system after water filtration. Unventilated exhaust pipes will lead to reduced service life and poor water quality after filtration.

Clean up for new machines


With new or unused machines, it is imperative to discharge the water for 10 minutes to 30 minutes to ensure the health and to remove any residues, molds and harmful bacteria in the water. New filter water should not be used immediately but should remove the first 5-7 water before use.

When the problem occurs, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the cause

Water filters after a period of use will cause problems, do not repair yourself but need to understand the cause and then consulted by the technician.

Replace the filter core periodically

Each filter has the different shelf life, so it is important to monitor and replace the core periodically to ensure that the product operates efficiently and has the highest durability.