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Playing Ukulele – New Pastime of Young People Today

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Many People Like and Interest 

LikePlaying ukulele is a musical instrument is a lot of young people in major cities and set to play favorites, guitar ukulele now started entering the city a young, causing many young people from elementary school students to university are dotted and practice playing this instrument.

With a small and lovely shape, eye-catching colors, pure guitar sound, fun is such as above ‘small guitar’ and relatively cheap (average it costs more than 20 to 200 dollars), less than one-year presence in many cities, guitar ukulele has occupied so much of your emotional child. According to incomplete statistics, in the province, a city with 1 million inhabitants, the number of people playing ukulele has close to 200 people.

On a Sunday afternoon, at the coffee shop or the upper secondary schools, universities, one might encounter the collective group of young drunk inside the guitar ukulele. There are many groups already established players such ukulele ukulele group Family, school Guitarlele High School … the young people learn and participate in activities quite lively.

The passion of playing Ukulele of The Youth

playing UkuleleMark, a group leader of the ukulele Family shared :playing ukulele when he was at 4 or five years. Being a guitar player, after a casually playing ukulele while still in college, he began to love this guitar is derived from Hawaii. As for his hometown, said there are some young people also play the ukulele, so he formed a group to create a playground for you with a common interest. At first, his party has only ten members, but less than a few months the figure has risen to more than 60 people.

After seeing the brothers, sisters playing the ukulele, a 9-year-old girl was also quick, perky tunes pianos fascinated. The youngest member of the Family ukulele group said : it is very cute and easy to learn. I just lost 2 weeks are playable basic musical notes.

Know and listen to ukulele above two years ago, but until the last two months, James is a student of local university and he is a beginner of playing ukulele. With James, the guitar not only helps you relieve stress after school hours but also makes him confident, the more new friends. Since then drag them from life in the virtual world of social networking sites like facebook …

The Origin and Basic Types of Ukulele

Origin and Basic Types of UkuleleThe ukulele is the instrument similar to the guitar, but they came from Hawaii, appearing from the late nineteenth century with the first version is cavaquinho the Portuguese brought to the US, then they gradually gaining popularity around the world.

It has four strings ukulele nylon, easy to press, suitable for beginners to play the piano for the first time and is often used to accompany singing, sometimes to the solo. Ukuleles have  4 major categories: Soprano (53 cm), Tenor (66 cm) , Concert (58 cm) and Baritone (76 cm).