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Rebound and its benefits

Every exercise is beneficial to us, some are more than others. Today we will look at one of the most effective forms of exercise that anyone can do, which is rebounding on a trampoline. In this article, we will dig deeper on the reason why this form of exercise is so effective and healthful for you.

Let’s first understand what is rebound.

REBOUNDIt is a simple process like this: the trampoline pushes you upward then, as velocity gradually decreases to zero, you experience a split moment of weightlessness. After that, you quickly accelerate downward and make an impact upon landing on the trampoline surface. The whole process is repeated over and over until you deliberately break the cycle.

Moving onto the effectiveness of this form of exercise

Firstly, it creates equal pressure on the whole body

EQUAL PRESSURE ON THE WHOLE BODYDuring running, you will mostly feel tired in the leg first and foremost. That is because the leg absorbs much of the pressure occurring while running, which could lead to all leg-related problems arising from this exercise especially if the runner is not using the correct form. On the trampoline, however, none of those problems occur because the pressure is divided equally over the entire body, which means that your feet will absorb much less pressure than normal running and you can go on exercising much longer.

Secondly, rebounding requires less oxygen but produces greater result

Scientists at NASA conducted an experiment comparing the two forms of exercise and they found out that rebounding on a trampoline requires less oxygen intake and put less strain on the heart. This means that you could go on doing this exercise until your feet become numb,

Next, it trains your balance and coordination

In order to balance on this piece of equipment, you need to move continuously so as not fall over. To become better at this, it is necessary that you know your center of gravity and be aware of it all the time in order to shift their body weight appropriately. Through this training, you will have a better sense of balance and this give you an edge over other when it comes to sport

Lastly, this is an exercise for all

top rated trampolinePeople of all ages and gender can do this and once in a roll, most would find it very hard to stop because it is so much fun. If your kids are too lethargic to get up and do some laps, buy a trampoline for them, they will be jumping for joy, literally, because of that. If your parents say that they are too old to do any physically demanding activities, this form of exercise will help them regain the strength and confidence they once had so that they can live their life more joyfully.

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